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A selection from Gulistan and Bustan Translated and simplified by Fahmida Riaz

Our Shaikh Sa’di

Our Shaikh Sa’di is a selection from the famous Gulistan and Bustan—the two masterpieces of Persian literature. Writtenby the famous Sufi cover sa'di 4 pathpoet and writer Shaikh Saadi, the books abound in timeless knowledge and wisdom. He preaches love and humanity, and at the same time counsels mighty rulers, leaders, and politicians as well as the common citizens.

Our Shaikh Sa’di has been especially compiled for young readers to acquaint them with Shaikh Sa’di’s thoughts and his philosophy. The selection and translation of the verses has been done by Fahmida Riaz, the eminent poet and writer. Great care has been taken in selecting suitable verses to appeal to the youth.

Our Shaikh Sa’di is a treasure house of practical wisdom and covers a variety of topics like friendship, justice, peace, ethics, and moral values.

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