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Education Is Necessary

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Education Is Necessary

by Hanya Qamar | S.M Public Academy, Khi

Education……..the most precious element that no one should be deprived of it and it is also in the list of the 5 basic human rights. The literacy rate of males in pakistan is 63% while the women literacy rate is 36%. A literate person is one who knows to read and write. An uneducated population = Poverty which leads to bad things such as robbery, target killing, becoming a terrorist etc…. and these things are common in our society because of illitracy. Our holy book QURAN gave the concept of education 1400 years ago. Our holy book says that education is necessary for both boys and girls. Plato, a greek philosopher wrote in his famous book The Republic that the secret of development of state is to give education to both boys and girls. Female education is not given much importance. As every one has the right to education, women has also the right of education. Educated women has proved that they are not behind men. Women has proved this by showing there duties in the fields of buisness, banking, technology, medicines etc… some problems of education are as under:

Areas which are under the rule of feudal lords discourage the education of children of poor parents and compel to them to work on poor wages.
Absenteeism of teachers is also a big problem. When the teachers will be absent daily then how the children are going to study?
This is a very common thing mostly found in rural areas that some schools have no roof,no boundary walls, no supply of water etc….
The biggest problem is the appointment of teachers not on merit but by favourism and such things like that.
And the list goes on……..

I hope that government pays attention on these problems and we soon insha’Allah be like Cuba, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan whose both male and female literacy are 99%.

Comments: 4

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