Pakistan Learning Festival

YAA Launch 2023-2024


1 – Can the book be written with the help of an adult?

Ans: No, certainly not.

2 – Do you require documents like B-form to verify the author?

Ans: Yes.

3 – Can the stories be both in English and Urdu/ Can I send two stories, One in English and the other in Urdu? (bilingual)

Ans: We are allowing only one story submission per child. Please follow the rules.

4 – Can I get my book illustrated by someone?

Ans: You may, if you want to, but we cannot promise to use the same illustrations if your story gets selected by the PLF for publishing in book form later on.

5 – Can a book have more than one story?

Ans: The Award is for a single story, not a book. However, if you have written a book that is entirely written by you/one young author (age groups as given) you may submit it.

6 – Can we send an already written story (by ourselves) that has not been published yet?

Ans: Sure, you may send it if it is not published anywhere and it is within the word limit and you are still within the age limit.

7 – Is it necessary to type the stories and send them or can we take pictures and email them?

Ans: We would surely prefer a typed out story in English. For a story in Urdu, if convenient to you, you may email it in a typed (InPage format) or the image of your own hand-written story. You could also post your story to us on the given postal address. We will not accept scanned manuscripts at all. Please have them typed or if your writing is very good and legible you can send that as hand written, but typed ones are always preferred.

8 – Can we write the story in a group of friends or it has to be individual?

Ans: Please read the instructions carefully. It is not a group exercise. All stories must be written by children in their individual capacity.

9 – If we cannot make it to the award ceremony will the award be sent to us?

Ans: We would certainly appreciate your participation but if for any reason you may not be able to travel then we will of course send the Award to you.

10 – Will all the participants attend the ceremony?

Ans: We doubt it very much as we are expecting thousands of participants from all over the country, and the Award ceremony will take place in any one city. Recently, we have organized an online ceremony to cater to all the participants. 

11 – Can the book be on a particular topic? (Fiction / Non-fiction)

Ans: We do not expect a book. However, if your book is short with illustrations and fits the word limit, we will accept it. It can be fiction or nonfiction on any subject.

12 – What details should I send along with my story?

Ans: You need to send the following details along with your story otherwise your submission will not be considered.

  •   Name:
  •   Age:
  •   Class:
  •   School:
  •   Address:
  •   Contact Number:
  •  Word Count of your story:


13-  Why will the young author award be giving preference to stories based on local content?


Ans: Local context will be preferred to see your personal relevance. It reflects as an author how well you narrate your relation/interaction with your own surroundings and conditions. 


14-  Can we add pictures and drawings regarding content in our stories?


Ans: We would certainly appreciate efforts like these. You can also use maps, drawings, images relevant to the content.


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