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About Uran Tashtaree Magazine

About Uran Tashtaree Magazine Uran- Tashtaree, a bi- monthly Children's magazine, is published from the platform of CLF. Eighteen editions of Uran Tashtaree have been published to date, targetting 4-18 year olds. It has been subscribed by Government Schools and Private Schools - non-elite and elite schools alike such as Karachi Grammar, Beaconhouse, AMI, Garage School, Government schools in ten districts of Pakistan and many more!

Since September 2017 UT is taking a break for review, formulating a revised format and new means of outreach to wider audiences far and wide.

In the mean time its 18th edition and thematic segments to be used by students, teachers and families alike are available for easy access below. It may be downloaded and used practically by our readers.

18th Edition of Uran Tashtaree

A message from the editor

While putting together this project, in the capacity of editor, I had to keep several issues in mind.
Firstly language must be easy and relate-able.
I personally feel that the adults of our nation require advice, opinions and lectures much more than our children. Hence, Uran Tashtaree shall be very delicate about their use. If need be then Uran Tashtaree shall be used as tool to communicate and educate rather than command.
Uran Tashtaree shall always give homage to our literary stalwarts while promoting modern day authors.
Every issue shall have at least three essay submissions by our children, our own readers.
As we all know that textbooks tend to be dry and difficult for children and may turn them away from the subject. In such circumstances, a magazine like Uran Tashtaree can be a great help for a school teacher in the form of a supplementary reader. We aim to make ardent readers out of our children.
Another very important point to note is that when this magazine was conceptualized, we were very aware of the need to give due importance to our reader's mother tongue. That is why every issue will carry a short story in any one regional language.
Story telling has always proven to be an extremely successful tool when attempting to promote or learn a language. Uran Tashtaree shall be our tool to an enlightened, aware, proud and articulate younger generation.

About the Editor

About the Editor
Amra Alam likes to write about animals and nature. Jhakkad, published by Tulika, is her very first children's book in India. Amra was born in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh, in India and grew up in Karachi, Pakistan, where she lives. She has published over sixty children's books in Urdu and has also written scripts for TV serials. She was the Chief Editor of Suntra Magazine and writer of the play "Dhaani" which received fabulous response nation-wide.

About CLF Publications

CLF Publications is an initiative by Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) and Oxford University Press (OUP) which is aimed towards providing young kids with content that is simultaneously informational, educational as well as entertaining. Uran Tashtaree is the debut magazine by CLF Publications with names like Amara Alam who has always been well known for writing quality stuff for children. The newly formed publication house was formally announced at Children's Literature Festival Islamabad on 24th May 2013.

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